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William Innes Homer (2010)

William Innes Homer (November 8, 1929 - July 8, 2012) was an American academic, art historian, and author. Homer was an expert in the life and works of painter Thomas Eakins.[1]

Academic career[edit]

Homer received his B.A. from Princeton University in 1951.[2] From Harvard University, Homer received his M.A. in 1954 and his Ph.D. in 1961.[2] In 1961, Homer was hired as an assistant professor in the Art and Archaeology Department at Princeton. In 1964, he became an associate professor of Art History at Cornell University.[2] In 1966, Homer came to the University of Delaware where he served as Chairman of the Art History Department from 1966 until 1981 and again from 1986 until 1993.[2] He retired from the department in January 2000 and holds a professor Emiritus position with the university.[3]

Homer authored numerous books and articles, including Alfred Stieglitz and the American Avant-Garde, Albert Pinkham Ryder: Painter of Dreams, Thomas Eakins: His Life and Art, and The Paris Letters of Thomas Eakins.[3] He has also served as a consultant for various exhibitions[4] and film projects.

Homer died on July 8, 2012.[5]


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