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William J. Day (November 18, 1876 – May 30, 1950[1]) was a judge from South Boston, Masschusetts and the ninth state deputy of the Massachusetts Knights of Columbus.[2][3][4][1] William J. Day Boulevard is named for him.

Day was born on November 18, 1876, in South Boston and died on May 30, 1950, in Dorchester, Massachusetts.[1] He received a bachelor's degree from Boston College and a law degree from Boston University.[1]

With his wife, Anna F. McCarron,[1] he was the father of Louise Day Hicks.[2][3] He had a son, John T. Day, and three other children.[5] He was appointed a judge by Governor David I. Walsh.[1] He is buried at Old Calvary Cemetery in West Roxbury, Massachusetts.[5]


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