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William James Unwin Philip is minister of The Tron Church in city-centre Glasgow, Scotland.[1] He originally came to Glasgow after 5 years with the Proclamation Trust in London. He is the son of James Philip, who had a significant ministry in Holyrood Abbey Church in Edinburgh, and the nephew of George Philip, who ministered in Glasgow at Sandyford Henderson Memorial Church.

Originally training as a medical doctor, and specialising in cardiology, he left the medical profession to focus full-time on preaching and teaching the Bible. William Still in Aberdeen was a significant influence. In London as Director of Ministry for the Proclamation Trust (which runs the Cornhill Training Course), he oversaw major improvements in branding, resources and publicity, as well as forming a good friendship with Dick Lucas, former Rector of St Helen's Bishopsgate.

Since moving to Glasgow, he has been involved with the formation of Cornhill Scotland, which began a Scottish Training Course in 2006, in connection with the Proclamation Trust and with the help of Rev. Edward Lobb, a former vicar in the Church of England.


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