William James Perry

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William James Perry (1887–1949), usually known as W. J. Perry, was a leader in cultural anthropology at University College, London.

Megalith culture, according to him, was transmitted to the rest of the world from Egypt.

He was a convinced hyperdiffusionist and collaborated with Grafton Elliot Smith. He was also interested in the history of religion. His daughter, a chemist, Margaret, married the eminent physiologist, Professor Robert Harkness.


  • The Megalithic Culture of Indonesia (1918)
  • The Children of the Sun: a Study in the Early History of Civilization (1923); alternate title: The Children of the Sun: A Study of the Egyptian Settlement of the Pacific
  • The Origin of Magic and Religion (1923)
  • The Growth of Civilization (1924)
  • Gods and Men: The Attainment of Immortality (1927)
  • The Primordial Ocean: An Introductory Contribution to Social Psychology (1935)