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William King (born 1959), also known as "Bill King," is the writer of a number of successful science-fiction and fantasy books, most notably in Games Workshop's Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 series, all published by GW's fiction arm, The Black Library.


William King wrote Trollslayer (1999), the first novel for Games Workshop's Black Library label.[1] His most memorable characters, Gotrek and Felix, have appeared in a series of novels, beginning with Trollslayer, a collection of previously published and new short stories. His next-most-famous character is Ragnar Blackmane, a Space Marine from the Warhammer 40,000 game setting universe (although the character was already in existence in the game and background material, King took him and expanded his history in the novel series). In 2010 he signed a three-book deal with Black Library that will focus on elven brothers Tyrion and Teclis.[2]

Prior to moving to the Czech Republic, King spent a number of years as a designer for Games Workshop, contributing to their game universes (where much of his fiction is also set). He has also written a tetralogy of books featuring the Death's Angels which are currently available in the Czech Republic, Spain and Germany. He married his long-time girlfriend Radka on September 24, 2005 and currently lives in Prague with his family.



Gotrek and Felix Novels

Tyrion and Teclis Trilogy

  • Blood of Aenarion (2011)
  • Sword of Caledor (2012)
  • Bane of Malekith (2013)

Macharian Crusade Trilogy

  • Angel of Fire (2012)
  • Fist of Demetrius (2013)
  • Fall of Macharius (2014)

Ragnar Blackmane Novels

Terrarch Tetralogy

Other Works

Short stories[edit]

  • "Green Troops"
  • "Red Garden"
  • "Visiting the Dead"
  • "Skyrider"
  • "The Price of Their Toys"
  • "The Laughter of Dark Gods"
  • "Geheimnisnacht"
  • "Wolf Riders"
  • "Dark Beneath the World"
  • "Uptown Girl"
  • "Deathwing" (with B. Ansell)
  • "Devil’s Marauders"
  • "Skaven's Claw"
  • "Easy Steps to Posthumanity"
  • "The Mutant Master"
  • "In the Belly of the Beast"
  • "Ulric’s Children"
  • "Blood and Darkness"
  • "The Mark of Slaanesh"
  • "The Ultimate Ritual" (with N Jones)
  • "The Wrath of Khârn"
  • "Redhand's Daughter"
  • "The Guardian of the Dawn"
  • "The Servants of the Dark Master"


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