William Middleton (bishop)

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William Middleton
Bishop of Norwich
Elected 24 February 1278
Installed 27 November 1278
Term ended either 31 August or 1 September 1288
Predecessor Roger Skerning
Successor Ralph Walpole
Other posts Archdeacon of Canterbury
Consecration 29 May 1278
Personal details
Died either 31 August or 1 September 1288
Denomination Roman Catholic
Profession previously clerk;
also administrator

William Middleton (or William de Middleton; died 31 August or 1 September 1288) was a medieval Bishop of Norwich.


Middleton began his career as a clerk in the Jewish exchequer in 1265. He was given custody of the rolls in 1276, and in 1277 was at the French royal court.[1] He was an official of Canterbury when he was appointed Archdeacon of Canterbury by Archbishop Robert Kilwardby in October 1275. He may also have held a prebend in the diocese of London.[2]

Middleton was elected on 24 February 1278 and was consecrated on 29 May 1278. He was enthroned at Norwich Cathedral on 27 November 1278.[3] He continued to work on royal administrative business after his election and consecration.[1]

Middleton died 31 August[3] or 1 September 1288)[4]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Roger Skerning
Bishop of Norwich
Succeeded by
Ralph Walpole