William Morris (actor)

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William Morris
Born January 1, 1861
Boston, Massachusetts
Died January 11, 1936
Los Angeles, California
Occupation Actor
Years active 1875 – 1935
Spouse(s) Etta Hawkins
Children Chester Morris

William Morris (January 1, 1861 – January 11, 1936[1]) was an American stage and film actor. He began his career as a teenager in the theater, first appearing at the Boston Museum, 1875 and became a star on Broadway. Much theater work where he spent most of his career. He appeared in popular plays such as 1909's Is Matrimony a Failure? He was a character actor in silent films, usually playing gruff fathers or bad guys. He was married to actress Etta Hawkins with whom he had several children, one of whom was the 1930s film star Chester Morris.[2]

His appearance in Alice Guy's 1917 silent film The Ocean Waif, from Kino DVD, is an example of Morris's surviving screen work.

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