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William Herbert Newton-Smith (born May 25, 1943) is a Canadian philosopher of science.[1][2]


Newton-Smith's undergraduate degree from Queen's University was in Mathematics and Philosophy, in 1966. He took an MA from Cornell University in Philosophy, in 1968, and a DPhil in philosophy from Balliol College, Oxford, in 1974. His working life before retirement was mainly as a Fellow of Balliol.

In 2003 Newton-Smith and his wife Nancy Durham became the first to grow lavender on a field scale in Wales. They are now the sole distillers of lavender oil in Wales. Their company, Welsh Lavender Ltd, produces face and body creams.


  • The Structure of Time (1980)
  • The Rationality of Science (1981)
  • Logic (1984)
  • Modelling the Mind (1990) editor with K. V. Wilkes
  • Popper in China (1992) editor with J. Tianji
  • Chapter 1 - Popper, ciência e racionalidade. In Karl Popper: Filosofia e problemas (1997), organized by Anthony O'Hear, translated to Portuguese by Luiz Paulo Rouanet. Editora Unesp. Cambridge University Press.
  • The Companion to the Philosophy of Science (2000)


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