William O. Steele

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William O. Steele
Born 1917
Franklin, Tennessee
Died 1979
Residence Signal Mountain, Tennessee
Occupation Author
Spouse(s) Mary Quintard Govan
Parent(s) Core Steele
Sue Steele

William O. Steele (1917–1979) was an American author.


Early life[edit]

William O. Steele was born in 1917 in Franklin, Tennessee. He was the son of Core and Sue. He spent a large amount of his youth exploring the woods around his home. This led to an interest in the history of the area and of its pioneers.


He became the author of thirty-nine books. He wrote his historical adventure stories in his home on Signal Mountain, Tennessee, which was the setting for many of his fiction stories. His book, The Perilous Road, which was published in 1958, won the Newbery Honor in 1959. Winter Danger earned the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award in 1962.[1]

Personal life[edit]

He was married to another author, Mary Quintard Govan.


He died in 1979.

Partial Bibliography[edit]

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