William Parker High School

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Coordinates: 42°33′58″N 83°55′37″W / 42.565973°N 83.926938°W / 42.565973; -83.926938

Howell's Parker High School now known as Parker Middle School is located in Marion Township (Howell, Michigan). It is a part of the Howell Public Schools and was built as the sister school to Howell High School. It was completed in August 2007, and the nearly $70 million building is equipped with cutting-edge technology.

During the spring of 2006, construction on the new school advanced on schedule and within budget. Parker High School opened for the 2007-08 school year on September 4, 2007. Due to budget limitations the district was not able to keep Parker open and was shut down in 2008 after one year of use. In 2011 Howell Public Schools reopened William Parker High School as William Parker Middle School serving students in grades 6-8.


The school mascot is the Parker Patriot.

The school colors are Red, White, and Navy.

The principal (as of March 2014) is Mrs. Muntz.

Another addition to the school was the Lansing Community College wing, in which college classes were offered to both college students and students of the high school. Students had the option of dual-enrollment in these classes, meaning they were offered both college and high school credit for the classes, offering more flexibility and more options to students.

The new Parker Campus is equipped with brand new technology, including wireless internet throughout the entire school, data projectors in every classroom, and SMARTBoards.