William Press Group

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William Press Group
Industry Offshore engineering
Fate Merger with Leonard Fairclough & Son
Successor Amec Foster Wheeler
Founded 1913
Defunct 1982
Headquarters London, UK
Key people
Ray Daniels (CEO)

William Press Group was a leading British engineering business which merged with Leonard Fairclough & Son to become a FTSE 100 company, AMEC.


The company was founded by William Allpress in 1913 in London.[1]

In 1954 it started to focus on developments in cathodic protection for pipelines forming Metal and Pipeline Endurance Ltd ('MAPEL').[2]

In the 1970s it converted about 50% of the UK's houses from town gas to natural gas.[3] A business at the forefront of the development of pneumatic capsule pipelines,[4] it also diversified at that time into offshore oil and gas under the leadership of Ray Daniels.[5]

The name of the company changed from William Press & Son to William Press Group in 1981.[6]

It merged with Leonard Fairclough & Son in 1982 to form AMEC.[1]


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