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William Marlborough Pryor (born 29 January 1945) is a British writer.

Pryor was born in Farnborough in 1945, to Mark Gillachrist Marlborough Pryor, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Sophie (née Raverat, now known as Gurney), daughter of Jacques Raverat and his wife Gwen (née Darwin) (granddaughter of Charles Darwin). His younger sister Lucy (born 1948) is a painter known professionally as Lucy Raverat. In 1969 he married Teresa Mary Kerrison, daughter of Roger Kerrison of Sloley Lodge.[1] They had a daughter Lydia (born 1970), who married Simon Bostock.

Pryor was educated at Eton College and studied Moral Sciences (i.e. philosophy) at Trinity College, Cambridge[2]

William Pryor became a beat poet and dadaist under the influence of Alexander Trocchi.[citation needed]

Pryor became a serial entrepreneur, starting the Airlift Book Company and The Green Catalogue. In 2002 he wrote a memoir of his addictions, The Survival of the Coolest, which was published the following year. Pryor has stated his intention to turn this into a film with himself as executive producer.

In 2004 he published Virginia Woolf & the Raverats: A Different Sort of Friendship about the relationship between his maternal grandparents and the Modernist writer Virginia Woolf.[3]


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