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William R. (Relentless Bill) Robinson (born November 30, 1958) is an American journalist and businessman


Robinson was born in White Plains, New York on November 30, 1958. His father was W. Rodman Robinson, a banker at Chemical Bank in New York City, and his mother was Barbara Robinson. At age 13, his parents divorced.

Robinson studied business in college, during which time he worked as a machinist, bartender and taxi driver. After college, Robinson worked at Fifth Avenue Personnel Consultants, an employment agency in New York City for two years.

He then started working at RCA Corporation in their Government Services division. In 1986, RCA Corp. was acquired by General Electric (GE) in what was at that time the largest non-oil merger in history. Robinson was one of the youngest managers in the company, and was sent to GE's "Experienced Manager Training Program".[citation needed]

In 1988, Robinson left GE and New York City for California. He began working for the author Michael E. Gerber. In six years of promoting Gerber and his book "The E-Myth: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What To Do About It", Robinson had the book and author featured on CNN, PBS, and in Fortune, Success, Entrepreneur and Inc. magazines, helping take "The E-Myth" sales from 150,000 to over one million in 18 languages.[citation needed]

In 1995, Robinson left Gerber to start his own firm, Relentless Marketing.

While scheduling a time for one of his clients to appear on CNN, Robinson appeared on the channel himself.[citation needed] He also began working as a print journalist. His first regular column was titled "The Relentless Marketer" and was published in Fortune Small Business (FSB), which had a circulation at the time of approximately 3 million readers. His next column was titled "On Location" and was published in Upside.[citation needed]

Robinson has written for several business and technology publications and now writes the "American Hero Stories," "TechScape," "BizScape", "Backstage Pass" and "Relentless Conservative" regular columns for The Huffington Post.[1] He has interviewed Sir Arthur C. Clarke in Colombo, Sri Lanka for his regular segment on SKY News, Ray Kurzweil[2] Peter Cochrane, former Chief Technology Officer of British Telecom,[3] former president of Sony Europe Chris Deering[4] and Internet pioneer Vint Cerf.[5][6][7]

Since 1997 he has appeared regularly on CNN, PBS, Bloomberg, and the BBC.[citation needed] He hosted a regular segment on Sky News in London, and often provides commentary on technology companies.[citation needed]

Robinson has written regular columns for The Wall Street Journal Europe, The Register, Fortune Small Business, The Financial Times, Forbes.com, Upside Magazine, United Airlines' Hemispheres Magazine, easyJet Magazine, Marketing Magazine, Tornado Insider, and Cisco Systems' iQ Magazine.[citation needed]


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