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The tugboat William Rest, pushing a barge.

The William Rest was a tugboat built for the Toronto Harbour Commission in 1961 for $150,000 CAD.[1] She was built in Erieau, Ontario by the Erieau Shipbuilding and Drydock Limited.[2] She displaced 61 gross tons. She was named after the commission's recently deceased director of planning.[3][4][5] Rest had worked for the Commission for 46 years.

She was powered by a Caterpillar 379D which could supply 560 horsepower (420 kW).[6]

In 1975 the tugs William Rest, the Lac Como, the G.W. Rogers and the Bagotville tried to free the lake freighter George M. Carl.[7]

The Toronto Harbour Commission occasionally employs the William Rest to break ice on the lower Don River.[8]

Port authorities retired the William Rest when they commissioned its replacement, the Iron Guppy, in the summer of 2016.[9][10]


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