William Sackville, 11th Earl De La Warr

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Earl De La Warr
Spouse(s) Anne Pamela Leveson (m. 1978 (1978))
Full name
William Herbrand Sackville
Titles and styles
  • 11th Earl De La Warr
  • 17th Baron Delaware
  • 6th Baron Buckhurst of Buckhurst
  • 11th Viscount Cantelupe
Noble family De La Warr
Father William Sackville, 10th Earl De La Warr
Mother Anne Rachel Devas
Born (1948-04-10) April 10, 1948 (age 68)

William Herbrand Sackville, 11th Earl De La Warr DL (born 10 April 1948) is a British nobleman and peer. He was styled Lord Buckhurst from 1976 until 9 February 1988, when he inherited upon the death of his father William Sackville, 10th Earl De La Warr.[1]

Business career[edit]

Lord De La Warr was educated at Eton College. His financial career in the City of London began in 1976 as an investment banker working at Mullens & Co.[2] For 24 years, he was a director of Laing & Cruickshank and later of its owner Credit Lyonnais Securities, where he published a tip sheet called The Earl's Earner and worked in senior equity sales.[3][2][4] He was later a director of Shore Capital, working with its natural resources team in sales,[4] and subsequently became a director of Cluff Natural Resources.[2][3] In April 2016, he joined hedge fund Toscafund Asset Management as a partner.[5]

He is a member of White's, the Turf Club, and Pratt's, traditional gentlemen's clubs in London.[3] In addition to his work in the City of London, he was a dairy farmer, and as of 2016 continues to raise livestock at his family seat, Buckhurst Park in East Sussex.[1][6]

In 2009, Lord De La Warr began to allow the library and an adjacent drawing room of the family home at Buckhurst Park to be used for weddings, as a way of "adapting to stay afloat" in response to Britain's then-current economic crisis.[7] The house and the estate have since become available to the public for corporate events and outdoor pursuits, as well as weddings.[6]

Lord De La Warr stated in 2015, "I've spent most of my life hunting down the perfect sausage,"[8] and an authorized profile in Debrett's People of Today listed his recreations as "country pursuits, sausages".[3] For a decade, he undertook to "resurrect an extinct sausage" that was a favourite of his childhood.[4] The result became the Buckhurst Park sausage, a product made by Speldhurst Quality Foods (in which De La Warr owns a stake), sold nationally in the U.K.'s Waitrose supermarkets.[8][9]


In 1978, he married Anne Pamela, Countess of Hopetoun. Born Anne Pamela Leveson, she is a granddaughter of Admiral Sir Arthur Cavenagh Leveson, and has two sons by her previous marriage to the 4th Marquess of Linlithgow.[1] She acceded to the title of Countess De La Warr in 1988. Lady De La Warr is the owner of South Park Stud, which breeds pedigreed Shetland ponies on the family estate at Buckhurst Park.[10]

They have two sons:

  • William Herbrand Thomas Sackville, Lord Buckhurst (born 13 June 1979), is a hedge fund manager in the City of London, and heir to the earldom.[1][11] In 2010, he married Countess Xenia Tolstoy-Miloslavsky.[11][12] Their son and heir, William Lionel Robert Sackville, was born on 24 January 2014.[13] Their daughter Victoria Elizabeth Anne was born on 6 June 2016.[14]
  • Edward Geoffrey Richard Sackville (born 6 December 1980), is a prominent bloodstock agent.[15] In 2013 he married Sophia Georgina Milton Akroyd.[16] Their daughter Viola Idina Edith Sackville was born in July 2013.[17] Their son Arthur Edward Mark Sackville was born in June 2015.


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