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William Schoell (pronounced shoal) is an American author, biographer and film historian, born in Manhattan in 1951 and educated in Vermont, earning a B.A. from Castleton State College. He has written several horror and science fiction novels, such as Late at Night (1986) and Saurian (1988). He was the author of "Hidden Horrors," a column in the now defunct horror magazine The Scream Factory, as well as a contributor of articles and reviews to periodicals including Writer, Writer's Digest, Paris Notes, Off Duty, and BBC Music. He was also a talk show radio host and producer. More recently, he has published books that deal with film, and biographies, some of which were written together with Hollywood biographer Lawrence J. Quirk, his domestic partner. His play Joe and Janice premiered at the American Theater of Actors in 2000. He writes a popular blog on movies called Great Old Movies. Prominent in the Gay Rights Movement in the 1970s, he now has a blog called "Ask Gay "Dr." Bill," which answers questions about gay life and the LGBT community.



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