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William Sol BENSON (August 24, 1877 in Kiev, Russia – October 20, 1945) was an American esperantist. He emigrated from Russia to USA in 1889.

Dr. Benson was an osteopathic physician in Newark, New Jersey, an author of an original method for teaching Esperanto by pictures and owner of the Benson's School of Esperanto.

He also made "10 Kajerojn de Universala Esperantigilo" (1925–1927) and the "Bensona Universala Esperanto-Metodo" (1932).

Member of Amerika Esperanto-Akademio (American Academy of Esperanto) in 1940's.

Written works[edit]

  • Benson School of Esperanto (22 p.)
  • Dr. Benson's personal mail course practical Esperanto
  • Universala Esperantistigilo (1925)
  • Universala Esperanto-metodo (1932)
  • Practical Esperanto by Dr. Benson (1925–1932)
  • Universala propagandilo: specimena leciono (1928, 22 p., ilustr.)

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