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William Spady is the head of ChangeLeaders. William Spady is a sociologist and is the father of Outcome-Based Education (OBE). OBE is referred to by over 20 different names including Systemic education restructuring, Performance Based Education, Standards based education reform, High Performance Learning, Total Quality Management, Transformational Education, and Competency-Based Education.

His research is still widely cited in nations such as Australia which are still adopting OBE. Nevertheless, the names have been changed in the US largely due strong negative responses to these programs when they have been introduced to actual students and parents. All of these titles refer to a similar philosophy and a plan which implements radical and "systemic" change into schools. Many have researched the thousands of articles on the internet referring to Spady, with many showing the beneficial effects of his theories on actual children.[1]

Spady was honored for his OBE work in the Philippines in 2015, where they are implementing OBE in some of their schools for grade level 10-12.

Spady is the author or co-author of nine books. His latest book, Bringing Heart and Soul to Education, was published in 2014.

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  1. ^ "Last December, the School Board approved the hiring of William Spady of ChangeLeaders, .. is sociologist and the self-proclaimed father of OBE" [1][dead link]

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  • WILLIAM SPADY: A PARADIGM PIONEER. Associate Professor Roy Killen Faculty of Education and Arts, University of Newcastle, Australia. A supportive review and background of Spady and Transformational Outcome Based Education.[dead link]