William Spencer Beaumont

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William Spencer Beaumont was a British army officer and a member of the London County Council.

Beaumont was the grandson of John Thomas Barber Beaumont, who raised the Queen Victoria's Rifles in 1803 during the Napoleonic Wars.[1] His father was J. A. Beaumont of Surrey.[2] Beaumont served as a captain in the 14th King's Hussars cavalry regiment in the British Army.[3] In 1876 her married Honoria Cooper.[2][3] In 1889 he was an elected a member of the London County Council to represent Tower Hamlets, Stepney. In 1890 Beaumont petitioned Ecclesiastical Commissioners for a Church site.[4]

Beaumont was the father of Dudley Beaumont (1874–1918), who married Sibyl Collings, later Dame of Sark.[3] His grandson was Francis William Beaumont (1903–1941) and his great-grandson is the 22nd Seigneur of Sark, Michael Beaumont.