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For the American architect, see William Lee Stoddart. For the English footballer, see Bill Stoddart.

William Stoddart (born 25 June 1925, Carstairs) is a Scottish physician, author and "spiritual traveller", who has written several books on the philosophy of religions. He has been called a “master of synthesis” [1] and is one of the important writers on the Perennial Philosophy in the present day. For many years he was assistant editor of the British journal Studies in Comparative Religion. He has translated into English, from the original French or German, several of the books of the perennialist masters Frithjof Schuon (1907–1998) and Titus Burckhardt (1908–1984).


Stoddart has written several books, for clarity's sake, the books he helped translate are not listed.

He is also the editor of the anthology on the Swiss Perennialist, The Essential Titus Burckhardt (World Wisdom, 2004).


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