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William Strobeck
William Prentice Strobeck[1]

(1978-03-17) March 17, 1978 (age 43)
Occupationfilmmaker, director, and videographer[2][3]
Years active1997 - present

William Strobeck (born March 17, 1978) is an American filmmaker, director, videographer, and photographer based out of New York City.[4][5][6][7] Strobeck directed the skate videos: cherry (2014), BLESSED (2018), CANDYLAND (2019), and STALLION. (2021).[8][9][10][11][12]

Early life[edit]

Born in Syracuse, New York to a single mother, Strobeck grew up with his grandmother, mother, and other family members.[13] His mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia when Bill was growing up which resulted in her not being around for a period.[13] Strobeck moved around living with different family members until his mother found proper treatment.[13] After receiving treatment and reentering his life, Strobeck's mother encouraged his creativity and freedom.[13] Strobeck describes the void left by his mother's partial absence in his childhood as having a strong influence on his creativity.[14]


As a young teenager in the 1990s, Strobeck first started filming his friends outside the Everson Museum of Art in the center of Syracuse.[15] At the time, the museum considered skating an art form and allowed the skaters to skate the plaza in front of it.[15]

In 1996, Strobeck moved to Philadelphia at the age of 17.[16] Strobeck filmed skateboarding during the Love Park skate scene from ~ 1997 until 2003.[17] As the popularity of the Philadelphia skateboard scene grew, Alien Workshop offered Strobeck a daily retainer to be a skate videographer for the company.[14] By 1998, Strobeck had quit community college and doing deliveries to work on the Alien Workshop video Photosynthesis full time.[14] In 2004, Strobeck self funded a day in the life film starring Mark Gonzales and Jason Dill, titled DIZZY.[18]

In 2006, Strobeck directed "McBeth - Mark Gonzales" - The Journal, No. 17 - starring Mark Gonzales, running 12 minutes and released with Krooked skateboards.[19]

In 2009, Strobeck teamed up with Gonz and Jason Schwartzman to make the video for the track 'Any Fun' by Schwartzman's Coconut Records' solo project.[5]

Strobeck produced a section for TransWorld's 24th video, The Cinematographer Project, released in 2012, featuring Mark Gonzales, Alex Olson, Jake Johnson, Austyn Gillette, Danny Garcia, Dylan Rieder, and Jason Dill.[5]

In 2012, Strobeck released a short film: "My Lovely Mess," featuring Chris Kennedy, Lizzi Bougatsos, Chloe Sevigny, Lily Ludlow, Stacy Strobeck, Tara Subkoff, David Clark, Alex Olson, Lil' Naomi, and Natasha Lyonne.[20] "My Lovely Mess" was described by one reviewer as "haunting but often very funny."[21]

Also in 2012, Strobeck began filming his first feature length video for Supreme called Cherry. cherry was released in 2014, featuring a large variety of skaters in a series of montages accompanied by a two parts, one by Paulo Diaz and one shared part by Dylan Rieder and Alex Olson.[22] Cherry, Supreme's first skate video in almost 20 years, received positive reviews from fans and critics.[23][24]

In 2015 Strobeck released "the red devil" produced by Supreme, shot on the streets of New York and Los Angeles, featuring Aidan Mackey, Sean Pablo, Anthony Van Engelen, Alex Olson, Sage Elsesser, Jason Dill, Tyshawn Jones, Kevin Bradley, and Na-kel Smith.[25]

In 2015, Strobeck released SICKNESS a collaboration between Supreme and Thrasher, set in the San Francisco Bay Area, featuring Aidan Mackey, Sean Pablo, Sage Elsesser, Tyshawn Jones, and Kevin Bradley.[26]

In 2016, Strobeck released Pussy Gangster a 10-minute long collaboration with Supreme featuring Tyshawn Jones, Sage Elsesser, Kevin Bradley, Sean Pablo, Ben Kadow, Na-kel Smith and others.[27]

In 2016, Strobeck released KING PUPPY a 5-minute long collaboration between Supreme x Nike SB, featuring Grant Taylor, Kevin Bradley, Eric Koston, Sage Elsesser, and Sean Pablo.[28][29]

In 2018, Strobeck released the 84 minute-long BLESSED, also through the Supreme brand studio. BLESSED features 2018 SOTY Tyshawn Jones, Ben Kadow, Aidan Mackey, Sean Pablo, Vincent Touzery, Jason Dill, Kevin Bradley, Mark Gonzales, Na-Kel Smith, Sage Elsesser, and others.[30][31][11][4]

In 2019, Supreme and Strobeck released CANDYLAND, a feature length skate video dedicated to Pablo Ramirez.[10]

Skateboarding videos[edit]

Year Title Filmer Director Producer Notes
1999 Stevie Williams - The Reason Yes starring Stevie Williams[32]
2000 Photosynthesis Yes Alien Workshop video by Joe Castrucci - Strobeck filmed Jason Dill's part [14][12]
2000 Anthony Pappalardo - I.E Yes starring Anthony Pappalardo[33]
2003 Mosaic Yes Habitat skateboards video[34]
2003 The DC Video Yes DC Shoes video[35]
2004 Dizzy Yes Yes Yes starring Mark Gonzales & Jason Dill[36]
2006 Mcbeth Yes Yes starring Mark Gonzales released with Krooked skateboards[19]
2008 Smile on wry boy Yes Yes Yes [37][38]
2008 Pigeon Yes Yes Yes [39]
2009 Mind field Yes filmed Dylan Rieder's part[40]
2008 clusterfuck Yes Yes Yes [37]
2010 Circle Board in NYC Yes Yes Yes [41]
2010 skin Yes Yes Yes [38]
2011 sister Yes Yes Yes [35]
2012 swallow "if you can" Yes Yes Yes [42]
2012 Homeboy (we still here) Yes Yes Yes [43]
2012 Scooters Yes Yes Yes [44]
2012 The Cinematographer Project ("STUD") Yes Yes Yes TransWorld video - Strobeck produced a section[5][45]
2012 buddy Yes Yes Yes produced by Supreme[46]
2014 cherry Yes Yes Yes Supreme video - full length video[22][47]
2014 Joyride/sex kitten Yes Yes Yes Supreme video[48][49]
2015 FIGHT/FUCK II THE MOVIE Yes Yes Yes [50]
2015 The Red Devil Yes Yes Yes Supreme video[25]
2015 SICKNESS Yes Yes Yes Supreme & Thrasher[26]
2015 SWOOSH Yes Yes Yes Supreme video[51]
2016 Pussy Gangster Yes Yes Yes Supreme video[27][52]
2017 KING PUPPY Yes Yes Yes Supreme & Nike SB video[53]
2017 The fat kid Yes Yes Yes [54]
2017 Hockey - II Yes Yes Yes [55]
2018 BLESSED Yes Yes Yes Supreme - full length video - Tyshawn Jones Thrasher SOTY part[30]
2018 KILLER Yes Yes Yes [56]
2019 CANDYLAND Yes Yes Yes Supreme - full length video - dedicated to Pablo Ramirez[10][57]


Art exhibitions[edit]

In November 2019, William Strobeck opened an art show, My Lovely Mess, at MILK gallery featuring large scale photographs, projectors playing his skate videos, and a recreation of his bedroom in the middle of the gallery.[58][59][60][61][62]


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