William Tell Told Again

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First edition cover

William Tell Told Again is a retelling of the William Tell legend in prose and verse with illustrations. The main prose element was written by P. G. Wodehouse, while Philip Dadd supplied the frontispiece and 15 full-page illustrations, all in colour. The 15 illustrations were accompanied by verses written by John W. Houghton.

The book was published on 11 November 1904 by Adam & Charles Black, London, and was dedicated "to Biddy O'Sullivan for a Christmas present".[1] Wodehouse dedicated books to 43 different people;[2] the identity of "Biddy O'Sullivan" was not known until 2006, when she was identified as the young daughter of Denis O'Sullivan (1869–1908), an actor and singer who was a friend of Wodehouse in the early 1900s.[3]

The Wodehouse text of William Tell Told Again was reprinted without the verses and with different illustrations by "Bowyer" in the anthology The Favourite Wonder Book in 1938.[1]


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