William Tennant Mortlock

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'William Tennant Mortlock (1858–1913) was an Australian grazier and politician.

On 28 January 1891 at St. Peter's Church, Glenelg, he married Rosina Forsyth Tennant in a double-wedding with her sister, Clayre Jessie Tennant, daughters of Andrew Tennant. Andrew Tennant was a brother of Margaret, William T's mother - i.e. Rosina and William were cousins. Mortlock was a member of South Australian House of Assembly for Flinders from 25 April 1896 - 28 April 1899 and 8 June 1901 - 2 May 1902. In 1892 he bought Martindale Hall.

He died on 17 August 1913 at Martindale Hall.