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William Tokarsky
William Tokarsky

(1948-01-18) January 18, 1948 (age 70)
ResidenceAtlanta, Georgia, United States
Years active2013-present

William Tokarsky (born January 18, 1948) is an American character actor known for his recurring role as the Demon on adult swim, and as the Killer in the cult film Too Many Cooks.


Tokarsky was born in suburban Pittsburgh in 1948, where he was raised. When he was still young, he joined the military and fought in the Vietnam war before returning to the States, then moving to the American South in 1983. Pre-acting, Tokarsky taught robotics for General Motors.[1] In his retirement, Tokarsky took up acting, having notably "lived other lives" before coming to the profession, something that contributes to his performances.[1][2][3] He had also previously been in the wrestling circuit throughout the Mid West, though could not continue after a 2009 injury in Oklahoma.[2]


After moving to Atlanta, Tokarsky visited the film set of Get Low to catch a glimpse of its stars, Robert Duvall and Bill Murray. Here, he spoke to extras and decided to give acting, which he thought "looked like fun", a try.[1] Coming into the film industry late did not stop Tokarsky, who trained in many professional acting techniques, and improv.[4] He is a member of SAG-AFTRA, with his first major role being in the popular young adult movie sequel The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in 2013.[2][4] After this, he appeared in the Anchorman sequel before joining TV, where he played the fan-favorite killer Bill in short film Too Many Cooks and gained popularity. He says he was lucky landing the role, as he had previously worked with its creator Casper Kelly, who "liked [his] look and asked [him] to audition". He's also said he thought it would go viral after watching the finished product, and that his nephews love it.[3][5][6][7][8] In fact, his image grew so much that he got to have a life cast mold made by Silver Scream FX Lab.[9]

He continued to act in TV and film, including the 2017 hit Tragedy Girls with former Hunger Games co-star Josh Hutcherson, before landing a role in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, another part that also become fan-favorite.[10] In addition, he reprised his Too Many Cooks role when it got a Musical adaptation.[4]

When the Republican tax overhaul was set to make it difficult for budding actors trying to find work, especially outside of Hollywood, Tokarsky contributed his expertise and experience to a report on the subject. Though he, as it says, "[had] a pension and doesn’t rely on his movie money to survive", he was still vocal about the struggles of being unable to write off expenses when you're trying to make it.[1]

Tokarsky is a notable actor in many adult swim shows and films, to the point that British newspaper The Guardian happily confirmed that on a celebrity visit to Candler Mansion in Atlanta, "no one seem[ed] that interested in the architectural quirks of the former psychiatric hospital [...] everyone [was] snapping photos of actor William Tokarsky's grim face", calling the actor "a fittingly odd welcome to the world of Adult Swim."[11]


Year Title Role Notes
2013 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Someone Else
2013 Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Cab driver
2014 Too Many Cooks Killer lead
2014 Lifelines Mike/Michael
2014 Play Birtram Terra
2014 Home for the Holiday Santa
2014 Hearts of Dust Chaplain
2015 The Lost Footage The Body
2015 Auld Lang Syne The Black Mask
2015 The Exchange CMF Brother 2
2015 Mallick Cheating Lawyer
2015 Five Windows Thomas
2015 Keening Nigh The Taise
2015 Samhain Grandpaw
2015 Gwilliam Ex-con
2015 Roanoke: Search for the Lost Colony Englishman
2016 Crime Avenue Harvey Feueranzunder
2016 Bleed Prisoner
2016 Osterhase Osterhase lead
2016 Hart of America Not the serial killer
2016 The Conscience Michael Bailey
2016 Conflicted Boss
2016 Escape Killer
2016 Merry Christmas, Baby Nursing home resident
2016 Behind 13 Phil
2017 The People Could Fly Master
2017 Tragedy Girls Mr Gordon
2017 Hamlet & Hutch Trailer Park Trash
2017 The God Inside My Ear Mr. Stuffy Bottoms voice
2017 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Bread/cake vendor
2017 Manak: Deck The Halls Veteran
2017 Progidy Coach Ramrod
2018 The Good Die Young Buck
2018 Through Her Eyes Harvey Winstein
2018 Tropical Cop Tales Man with Gold Boots
2018 My Annoying Dead Brother Groundskeeper
2018 Trial by Fire Man in the Stetson Hat post-production
2019 Jacob's Ladder Commuter post-production
TBA Miss Winn's Garden Mr Hill post-production
TBA Penance Lane Crazy Ray post-production
TBA Indomitable Bartender Jack post-production
TBA The Bounty Hunter Clarence 'Preacher' Turner filming
TBA The Poison Rose Sanitarium Patient filming
TBA The Mark Sinclair pre-production
Year Title Role Notes
2013 The Walking Dead Woodbury survivor Season 3, 12 episodes[12]
2014 Swamp Murders Choppin Charlie Episode: "Quilbillies"
2015 The Carbonaro Effect Eugene Burger Episode: "Dangerously Drinkable"
2015 Snapped: Killer Couples Willis Honeycutt documentary; episode: "Dena Riley & Richard Dean Davis"
2015 Fatal Attraction Neighbor documentary; episode: Social Media Murder
2015 Victoria's Path Gruff the Troll Episode: "My Bully"
2014-16 Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda Freddie/Joe Economy documentary; 2 episodes: "Bump in the Night", "Murder Haunts Me"
2016 #killerpost Melvin Potter Episode: "Payne/Potter"
2016 Hidden America with Jonah Ray Redneck Episode: "Atlanta: Past, Present, Living, and Dead"
2014-2016 It's Supernatural! Crippled Man/Neighbor 3 episodes: "James Durham", "Steve Swanson", "Aliss Cresswell 2016"
2015–2016 The Bubble Creepy Stalker Mini-series; 2 episodes: "Double Trouble", "Pilot"
2013-2017 Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell William/Demon William main;[citation needed] 14 episodes
2017 Kelly Talk Show Himself
2017 Love in 500 Characters Jake Episode: "Pilot"
2018 Murder Comes to Town Carl Sanders documentary; episode: "The Sinner and the Saint"
2018 Lodge 49 Older Gentleman Episode: "Full Fathom Five"
2018 Murder by Numbers Neighbor Episode: "Monster Among Us"


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