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James Oglethorpe presenting Tomochichi and other Yamacraw Indians to the Georgia Trustees, July 3, 1734

William Verelst (1704–1752) was an 18th-century English painter.


Verelst was born and died in London. According to the RKD he was the son of Cornelius Verelst, the nephew of Maria Verelst, and the grandson of Herman Verelst.[1] He is known for portraits, still lifes, and paintings of birds.[1]

Pieter Hermansz Verelst 1618–1688
Simon Pietersz Verelst 1644–1710 Herman Verelst 1641–1690 Johannes Verelst 1648–1734
Maria Verelst 1680-1744 Cornelis Verelst 1667–1734
William Verelst 1704-1752

The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography online says "William Verelst was included in the Dictionary of National Biography in the article on Simon Verelst under the name Willem Verelst and was erroneously described as the son of Cornelius Verelst", and he was in fact "the fifth of eight children of the painter John Verelst (c.1675–1734)".[1]


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