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William Winant (born 1953) is an American percussionist.

In addition to his work in contemporary classical music—notably performing Lou Harrison's compositions—Winant has worked in a variety of genres, including noise rock, free improvisation and jazz. Notable collaborators include Glenn Spearman, Thurston Moore, Sonic Youth, Mr. Bungle (with whom he toured in support of their albums Disco Volante and California), Secret Chiefs 3, Mondo Cane and Oingo Boingo. A member of the Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio, he has also frequently collaborated with John Zorn.

Winant received his undergraduate degree from York University, then attended the California Institute of the Arts for a couple of years, ultimately dropping out to go tour with Oingo Boingo. He currently is a faculty member at Mills College in Oakland, California. He also gives percussion lessons and teaches the percussion ensemble at the University of California, Santa Cruz.


  • 1995 - Musical Outsiders: An American Legacy - Harry Partch, Lou Harrison, and Terry Riley. Directed by Michael Blackwood.


Productions under the direction of Winant

As equal member of groups and projects

  • White Out (with Jim O'Rourke) – China Is Near (ATP, 2005)
  • Gratkowski / Brown / Winant (with Frank Gratkowski and Chris Brown) – Wake (Red Toukan, 2009)
  • Gratkowski / Brown / Winant and Gerhard E. Winkler – Vermilion Traces / Donaueschingen 2009 (Leo, 2012)

With Chris Brown

  • Room with Larry Ochs (Sound Aspects, 1989)
  • Lava (Tzadik, 1995)
  • Duets (1996), Winant only on "Duo"
  • Rouge Wave (2005)
  • Iconicities (New Albion, 2011)

With John Cage, Joan LaBarbara

  • John Cage at Summerstage with Leonard Stein (rec. 1992, Music and Arts Programs of America, 1995)
  • Music for 17 with the San Francisco Symphony Players, Stephen L. Mosko (1993)

With Alvin Curran

  • Theme Park (Tzadik, 1998)

With Danny Elfman

With Fred Frith

  • Eleventh Hour (Winter & Winter/WDR 3, 2005) Winant plays guitars on Stick Figurs (for 6 Guitars and 2 Players, 1990)
  • The Happy End Problem (Music for Dance (Fred, 2006)

With Lou Harrison

  • Double Concerto (1983)
  • First Recordings, Solstice, and Ariadne (1990)
  • 3rd Symphony with Dennis Russell Davies, Cabrillo Festival Orchestra (1990)

With Jon Hassell

  • Vernal Equinox (1978)

With Joan Jeanrenaud

  • Strange Toys (2008)

With Alvin Lucier

  • Still and Moving Lines of Silence in Families of Hyperbolas Part II Numbers 5-8 (1984, reissue 2003)

With Roscoe Mitchell

With Thurston Moore and Tom Surgal

  • Piece for Jetsun Dolma (Les Éditions Victoriaville, 1996)
  • Lost to the City / Noise to Nowhere (Intakt, 2000)

With Mr. Bungle

With Mike Patton

With Secret Chiefs 3

  • Zulfikar II (1998)
  • Hurqala: 2nd Grand Constitution & Bylaws (1998)
  • Book M (2001)
  • Path of Most Resistance (2007)

With Glenn Spearman

With David Tanenbaum

  • Lou Harrison – Serenado (New Albion, 2003, expanded reissue of The Perilous Chapel)
  • Terry Riley – Book of Abbeyozzud (New Albion, 1999)

With James Tenney

With John Zorn

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