William de Vesci (d.1253)

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William de Vesci
Noble family de Vesci
Father Eustace de Vesci
Mother Lady Margaret of Scotland

William de Vesci, sometimes spelt Vescy, was a prominent 13th-century English noble. He was a son of Eustace de Vesci and Margaret, an illegitimate daughter of William the Lion by a daughter of Adam de Hythus. William died in 1253.

A minor when his father died, he was placed under the custodianship of William Longespée, Earl of Salisbury, until he was of age. Knighted in 1229, he took part in King Henry III of England's expedition to Brittany in 1230. He was banned from attending tournaments at Blyth, Northampton and Cambridge between 1232 and 1234. When King Alexander III of Scotland was invited to attend the English court in 1235 and in 1237, he provided an escort. William took part in King Henry III's expedition to Gascony in 1242. In 1245 he was part in King Henry III's espedition to Wales.[1] He founded the Carmelite priory of Hulne, Northumberland during his lifetime.

He died in Gascony during King Henry III's expedition to Gascony. It is not known whether he died in battle or natural causes. He was buried at Watton Priory, Yorkshire.

Marriage and issue[edit]

He firstly married Isabel de Longespée, daughter of William Longespée, Earl of Salisbury and Ela, Countess of Salisbury in 1226. They had no issue.

He married secondly Agnes de Ferrers, they had issue;

  • John de Vesci, died 1289. He married firstly Mary of Lusignan and secondly Isabella de Beaumont. He had no issue.
  • William de Vesci, died 1297. He married Isabella de Perinton. He had no legitimate issue.
  • Juliana de Vesci, she married Richard de Vernon. Had issue.
  • Agnes de Vesci, she married Robert de Buckton. Had issue.
  • Isabel de Vesci, she married William de Welles. Had issue.

Agnes died in 1290 and was buried at Scarborough Greyfriars priory, Scarborough.