William van der Gouwen

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Gilliam van der Gouwen (ca. 1640, Antwerp? - in or after 1720)[1] was a Dutch engraver.

He was the pupil of Gerard de Lairesse, Pieter van Lisebetten, and Pieter Rodingh.[1] He became the teacher of Jan Wandelaar.[1] He is known for portraits and religious scenes and worked with Pieter van Gunst and Estienne Roger.[1]

He also engraved A beached whale between Scheveningen and Katwijk for Pieter Bor's 1684 historical publication Oorspronk, Begin, en Verfolgh der Nederlandsche Oorlogen. Vol. 4, which was a popular historical illustration at the time based on a drawing by Hendrik Goltzius that had been engraved by Jacob Matham.[2][3][4]


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