Williams (lunar crater)

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Williams crater 4079 h2.jpg
Coordinates 42°00′N 37°12′E / 42.0°N 37.2°E / 42.0; 37.2Coordinates: 42°00′N 37°12′E / 42.0°N 37.2°E / 42.0; 37.2
Diameter 36 km
Depth 0.7 km
Colongitude 323° at sunrise
Eponym Arthur S. Williams

Williams is the remnant of a lunar crater that lies to the south of the prominent crater Hercules, in the northeastern part of the Moon. The southern rim borders the Lacus Somniorum, a small lunar mare that extends to the south and west. To the southwest is the sharp-rimmed crater Grove.

Little remains of the original crater, besides a low curving ridge. The rim has been nearly destroyed along the northwest face, leaving only a few ridges in the surface. The remainder forms an irregular horseshoe, with the western part attached to a series of ridges leading to the west. The interior floor has been resurfaced by basaltic lava, forming a flat, nearly featureless surface that is marked only by a pair of tiny craters near the northeast rim.

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Williams.

Williams Latitude Longitude Diameter
F 43.5° N 38.2° E 7 km
M 41.2° N 38.8° E 5 km
N 42.1° N 36.3° E 5 km
R 42.5° N 38.3° E 4 km