Williams Chapel

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Williams Chapel
Williams Chapel steeple.jpg
The steeple
Coordinates: 40°13′43″N 87°29′10″W / 40.228538°N 87.486234°W / 40.228538; -87.486234
Location Johnsonville, Indiana
Country  United States
Denomination Non-denominational
Founded 1966

Williams Chapel is a small non-denominational Christian church in the village of Johnsonville in Warren County, Indiana. It is distinctive for the carved wooden hand pointing skyward from its steeple and for its handmade stained glass windows.

The church was built in 1966 by local minister Rev. Grover C. Williams, Jr. with help from many others in the community. His wife, Rev. Mildred A. Williams, was the chapel's minister and pastor from its founding in 1966 until her death in 2005, with the exception of seven years in the 1980s when Glenn Wesley of Attica led the congregation. The hand on the steeple was made by Grover Williams at the time the church was built, and was inspired by the steeple of the First Presbyterian Church in Port Gibson, Mississippi. The stained glass windows were made by Mildred Williams in the 1980s.[1]

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