Williams Landing, Victoria

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Williams Landing
Williams Landing is located in Melbourne
Williams Landing
Williams Landing
Coordinates 37°51′29″S 144°44′20″E / 37.858°S 144.739°E / -37.858; 144.739Coordinates: 37°51′29″S 144°44′20″E / 37.858°S 144.739°E / -37.858; 144.739
Population 3,223 (2011 census)[1]
 • Density 871/km2 (2,256/sq mi)
Postcode(s) 3027
Area 3.7 km2 (1.4 sq mi)
Location 17.5 km (11 mi) from Melbourne
LGA(s) City of Wyndham
State electorate(s) Tarneit
Federal Division(s) Lalor
Suburbs around Williams Landing:
Truganina Truganina Laverton North
Hoppers Crossing Williams Landing Laverton
Hoppers Crossing Point Cook Seabrook

Williams Landing is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 19 km south west from Melbourne's Central Business District. Its local government area is the City of Wyndham. At the 2011 census, Williams Landing had a population of 3,223.

Williams Landing is rapidly growing. It is estimated that the population in 2014 was around 6000, and the suburb will grow rapidly in the next several years.

The first stage of Williams Landing, that of the Wyndham Waters estate along Sayers Road to the north of the suburb, adjacent to Truganina was developed first. The Williams Landing suburb development is forecast to continue development until 2020.

Williams Landing will be developed into a Transit-oriented development, major activity and employment centre. The suburb is next to the Williams Landing railway station, just across from the Princes Freeway and for residents of Point Cook, it is accessed via Palmers Road. Construction of Williams Landing commenced in early 2008 and is due to be completed by 2025.

Since the Williams Landing railway station opened in April 2013, and the shopping centre opened in December 2014, Williams Landing has been one of the most popular place for home buyers. Median house value in Williams Landing has increased 37% from 2012 to 2014, second highest in Victoria.[2] Williams Landing has continued its property growth, property prices in Williams Landing rose further 25.9% in the year, according to the latest data released in November 2015.[3]


The major area of Williams Landing is what was once the RAAF Base Laverton airfield. The base is no longer used for operational flying but is still used for radio training. For administrative purposes, it is now merged with the former RAAF Base Point Cook as RAAF Base Williams.

The developers of Williams Landing estate, Cedar Woods Properties Limited, worked to secure a new suburb name for the area prior to commencing development. The suburb was removed from the geographic boundaries of Laverton in 2008, with the name Williams Landing being gazetted in May 2008 [4] and formalised by the Geographic Names Board in August.

Aerial panorama of Williams Landing, facing the M1 freeway

Williams Landing estate[edit]


Williams Landing is being developed by Cedar Woods Properties Limited and consisists of a 50 hectare town centre and train station. The development is 275 hectares in area, and is located on the existing RAAF Base Laverton airfield, with major streets forming those of the previous runway alignment. The development is identified by the State Government of Victoria as a Priority Development Zone with a Major Activity Centre.

The development has a number of parks and environmental reserves, and includes the development of the Town Centre. Williams Landing railway station opened on 28 April 2013. The three conservation reserves within Williams Landing are not open to the public and comprise over 50ha of the site.[5]


The development contains five distinct areas, being four residential 'Neighbourhoods' and a Town Centre zone. Of the Residential Neighbourhoods, Ashcroft, Kingwell and Elmstead are fully or partially delivered. The Addison Neighbourhood is commenced development in 2015. The Williams Landing development is marketed at premium buyers, with each Neighbourhood having alternate design guidelines to uphold a high quality level of build. Each Neighbourhood features wide streets, mature and significant landscaping, a large amount of open space to compliment the upmarket scale of the homes built by residents.

Town centre & Employment Precinct[edit]

Williams Landing's Neighbourhoods are complemented by the new town centre, proximity and direct access to the Princes Freeway, Williams Landing railway station, and a high level of connectivity with surrounding road infrastructure. There is a large level of amenity planned for the town centre area, including a shopping centre, office buildings and higher density residential uses. The progressive development of Williams Landing will deliver a significant level of road infrastructure to the benefit of surrounding suburbs. According to the Star Weekly, a proposed development in Williams Landing is expected to create about 13,000 white-collar jobs in the western suburbs over the next 15 years. The employment hub to include 5000 square metres of office space, a 50-room hotel and shops. Statistics show about 46.5 per cent of workers living in Point Cook and Williams Landing are university-qualified. Williams Landing Town Centre will create more jobs in the local area so they will no longer have to travel to Melbourne for work.[6] Williams Landing has been identified within the Plan Melbourne strategy as a key ‘activity centre,’ providing surrounding populations with retail and service amenity, as well as a commercial employment precinct. Its position allows for convenient commuting to and from the city, helping to ease issues associated with rapid population growth in Melbourne’s west. According to a report prepared by economists, Williams Landing holds the potential to employ more than 23,000 people – the majority of these in white-collar fields – based on its strategic location within one of Australia’s fastest growing municipalities, the City of Wyndham.[7]

Shopping centre[edit]

Williams Landing Shopping Centre opened in December 2014. The shopping centre has a variety of specialist stores, a Woolworths Supermarket, and fast food services. Williams Landing Shopping Centre also has office space available.[8] Williams Landing Shopping Centre Website has all the information for shoppers and for businesses wanting to lease. The Williams Landing shopping centre expanded in 2016. Construction commenced in March 2016, and was completed in September 2016. The expansion of the shopping centre features restaurants, a juice / cafe bar, a fitness gym and a childcare with over 100 places.[9][10]

Williams Landing Sporting Reserve[edit]

Williams Landing sporting reserve will be located in the heart of the Williams Landing estate surrounded by the residential areas and the town centre. Wyndham Council released details in their news letter indicating sports reserve construction is planned for 2016-17 financial year.[11] When complete, the reserve will feature 2x AFL/Cricket Ovals, 6 Tennis Courts, Shelters, Barbecue and Picnic Facilities, Playground, Fitness equipment and exercise area and Landscaping.



The Williams Landing development is criticised by local and surrounding communities of lacking public schools and community facilities.[12]

Residents of Williams Landing had set up a community website, so locals can sign up online to let the government and relevant authorities know the needs of local school and childcare.[13]

Sports Reserve[edit]

Residents of Williams Landing also criticised that there is no community consultation regarding the use and design of the sports reserve. It is criticised by local residents that the sports reserve does not meet the needs for the local community.[14][15]

Wyndham Waters estate[edit]

The Wyndham Waters estate was the first development in Williams Landing and was originally located in the suburb of Laverton. The development features over 1000 households, and commenced in 2001, with the last stage completed in 2010. There is a recreation centre that provide residents of Wyndham Waters a gym, outdoor pool and sauna.[16]


The historic and now disused open outfall sewer reserve physically separates the Wyndham Waters development from the newer Williams Landing development, effectively creating two separate zones in the suburb. The land which Wyndham Waters was built on was very flat and was prone to flooding. The developers Urban Property Developments Pty. Ltd. (now Asset1) had built a large waterway to mitigate flooding in the development.


Williams Landing Bus Terminal at night


Williams Landing is a major transport hub for the City of Wyndham and surrounding suburbs. Williams Landing railway station is located at the south of the Williams Landing town centre and is served by the Werribee railway line.


Williams Landing is one of the main bus hubs in the City of Wyndham. Currently, having 5 routes connect surrounding suburbs, activity and shopping centres.

List of Buses in Williams Landing

  • 150 - Williams Landing – Tarneit via Sayers Road
  • 151 - Williams Landing – Tarneit via Westmeadows Lane
  • 153 - Williams Landing – Werribee via Princes Highway
  • 494 - Williams Landing – Point Cook South via Alamanda Boulevard
  • 495 - Williams Landing – Point Cook South via Boardwalk Boulevard
  • 497 - Williams Landing – Saltwater Coast via Point Cook Road


Cycling is a popular way for locals and residents who live in surrounding suburbs to get to the new train station. The popularity is increasing because of the high demand for car parking space.[17] Currently, an estimate of 500 cyclists are on the waiting list for the secure bike cage.[18]

Local government[edit]

Williams Landing's local government area is the City of Wyndham. One of the fastest growing municipalities in Australia. The estimated population for the City of Wyndham in 2015 is around 201,012. It is forecasted its population will almost double, reach to around 384,275 in 2036.[19]


Williams Landing is within Harrison Ward, and the current councillors are:

  • Cr Tony Hooper
  • Cr Aaron An
  • Cr Intaj Khan
  • Cr Kim McAliney

Flora, fauna, waterways and reserves[edit]

There are many species of original vegetation of Williams Landing that have been present for thousands of years. The red coloured patches are either kangaroo grass or red-leg grass. In spring, common everlastings, blue devils, lemon beauty-heads and spur velleia come up and are also original flora to the area. The area also has some threatened species such as spiny rice-flowers, large-fruit fireweeds, and basalt podolepis.

Williams Landing estate

The major wetland at Williams Landing provides habitat for many birds, reptiles and frog species. The water level varies over the weather and the fauna responds similarly. Australasian bittern and other birds that migrate from Japan prefer more shallow water when wet grassy verges are available, whereas the black swan and Australasian shoveler like deeper water and are increasingly seen when water levels are high.[20]

Wyndham Waters estate

Due to the waterway in Wyndham Waters, there are many types of birds around the area. Examples of these birds are shovelers, mallards, firetails, moorhens and scrubwrens.

A view of a "waterway" in Wyndham Waters
Wildlife in Wyndham Waters


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