Williams River (Western Australia)

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Williams River
Williams 002.jpg
Williams River in flood at Williams August 2009
Country Australia
Main source 323 metres (1,060 ft)[1]
River mouth confluence with Hotham River
183 metres (600 ft)
Physical characteristics
Length 88 kilometres (55 mi)

The Williams River is one of the two major tributaries of the Murray River in Western Australia, the other being the Hotham River.

It starts between Williams and Narrogin and flows in a general westerly direction before it joins the Hotham River to become the Murray River near Mount Saddleback.

The river has 12 tributaries including Coolakin Gully, Warrening Gully, Junction Brook, Coalling Brook, Jim Went Creek and Fitts Creek.


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Coordinates: 32°58′34″S 116°23′51″E / 32.97611°S 116.39750°E / -32.97611; 116.39750