Williams Way, Gibraltar

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Williams Way
William's Way 2.JPG
Entrance to Williams Way
Location Gibraltar
Coordinates 36°08′36″N 5°20′27″W / 36.14333°N 5.34083°W / 36.14333; -5.34083
Status Closed
Start Catalan Bay Road
End Sir Herbert Miles Road
Work begun 1942
Constructed limestone
Owner Government of Gibraltar

Williams Way is a tunnel through the eastern part of the Rock of Gibraltar.


It is one of two tunnels in Gibraltar named after Lt Col A R O Williams, of 178 Tunnelling Company, Royal Engineers. Arthur Robert Owen Williams (1905-1989) was known as "ARO". He had trained as a miner in South Africa and was in charge of tunneling operation in Gibraltar during World War II. When he left the army he was also given an OBE.[1] Williams also gave his name to Arow Street which is a tunnel entirely inside the rock.[2]

The tunnel's entrance starts at Catalan Bay Road and exits at Sir Herbert Miles Road. It was built in 1942 to bypass a landslide which was triggered by a large detonation of explosives during quarrying operations. The landslide completely blocked off the road to Catalan Bay Village. This tunnel also provides access to MacFarlane's Gallery and during 1944/1945 was used to provide an entrance to a fuel storage area known as Project 'C'. [3]

On 1 October 2012 a fire occurred inside the tunnel in a disused control room which took two hours to extinguish. [4]

Tunnel Exit at Catalan Bay


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