Williamson Square

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Coordinates: 53°24′22″N 2°58′59″W / 53.406°N 2.983°W / 53.406; -2.983

Williamson Square, Liverpool
Fountains in Williamson Square at night

Williamson Square is in the city centre of Liverpool, England. It was initially laid out as a residential square in the 1745 by Mr Williamson.[1] [2] It originally only had buildings on the lower part and the other three parts weren't covered.[3]

The Liverpool Playhouse stands on the east side of the square, and the other sides are occupied by shops. Formerly the north side was occupied by the Theatre Royal, but this was demolished in 1965. The square also contains a fountain, consisting of 20 jets of water that rise to a height of up to four metres. The fountain is controlled by a computer, and during the evenings is illuminated with coloured lights.[4]


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