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Williamstown Parish Hall
Church in Williamstown

Williamstown (Irish: Baile Uilliam/Baile Liam, meaning "William's town") is a small village located on the R360 regional road in the townland of Corralough in northeast County Galway, Ireland.

The village is situated half way between Dunmore and Ballymoe in north County Galway. Few other places will boast of such a strange beginning because it was founded in the last century by William McDermott, a local landlord, just to spite a rival, Peter Bumford, who tried to establish another town close by![citation needed] All is quiet in Williamstown now, as the era of the landlord is long over, and the other town, Bumford, failed to survive. He also helped with the building of the old church of the Sacred Heart completed in 1839.

The town is the home to many villages including; Kilnalag, Polarassa, Corrolough, Polshask, Polredmund, Croaghill, Derryvode, Ballyroe, Springfield, Straid and Briarfort. The town is also a stopping place for a Bus Éireann service to Galway. Its population according to the April 2006 census is 273.

Williamstown fields an Intermediate and Junior Gaelic football team as well as various underage teams. The Intermediate team were promoted from Junior A in 2006. Irish dancing groups and the Williamstown Scouts hold meetings in the parish hall that is also used as the playschool.[citation needed]

The town has a National School.[1]

Williamstown Festival[edit]

Williamstown hosts an annual festival in August. It includes treasure hunts, sports days, and various activities in the local pubs.

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Coordinates: 53°41′N 8°35′W / 53.683°N 8.583°W / 53.683; -8.583