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Willie Adler
2015 RiP Lamb of God - Willie Adler by 2eight - DSC5221.jpg
Willie Adler in 2015
Background information
Birth name William M. Adler
Born (1976-01-26) January 26, 1976 (age 39)
United States
Origin Richmond, Virginia
Genres Groove metal
Occupation(s) Musician, songwriter
Instruments Guitar
Years active 1991-present
Labels Prosthetic, Epic, Roadrunner, Black Market Activities
Associated acts Lamb of God
Website www.lamb-of-god.com
Notable instruments
ESP Willie Adler Signature series

William M. Adler (born January 26, 1976) is a guitarist in the heavy metal band Lamb of God. He is the younger brother of bandmate Chris Adler.


Adler joined Lamb of God after the first guitarist, Abe Spear, left the band. Self-taught, Adler is well known for his unconventional style of playing, which includes odd/dissonant chord shapes, unique timing patterns, odd rhythms, high usage of his fretting hand's pinky finger, wide stretches between frets due to an increased reach, and being an obsessive perfectionist with his right hand rhythm playing. He plays mostly the jagged staccato riffs in Lamb of God's songs, while Mark Morton plays more of the groove-oriented rhythms and solos.

Adler is a primary songwriter in Lamb of God. His songs include "Black Label," "11th Hour," "Blood Junkie," "Hourglass," "Blood of the Scribe," "Beating on Death's Door," "Ashes of the Wake," "Ruin" and "Again We Rise." Adler also co writes songs with Mark Morton, as he wrote the pre-solo breakdown to "Walk With me in Hell", and all of "In Your Words" up until the atmospheric ending which Mark Morton penned.

Adler has recently worked with Houston metal band Vehement to produce their six-track promo CD.[1]


Signature guitars[edit]

Amplifiers and cabinets[edit]


Guitar Rig & Signal Flow[edit]

A detailed gear diagram of Willie Adler's 2005 Lamb of God guitar rig is well-documented.[3]


With Lamb of God[edit]


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