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Willie Duncan was born in Iserlohn on 20 April 1955. The left-handed guitarist/vocalist joined the Spider Murphy Gang in 1988.

Willie Duncan came to Germany in 1974 from Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England. Leaving behind Trevor Walter who was later drummer for Johnny Wakelin In Zaire and The Look "I Am the Beat". Claymore formed with his friends Martin Binks on drums and Steve Hyde on bass. They recorded their first song with singer Dave Jackson.

The Willie Duncan Band released the first single "Sommerferien" in 1983. The LP was released in 1984 titled Sightseeing Tour> As a guitarist Willie Duncan worked with Jürgen Drews and Juliane Werding.


As producer and guitarist he recorded the following;

  • Paul Daly-Ten Years Gone
  • John Smith and Friends-Line by Line
  • Dave Bonney and the Saviours-That's the way it is
  • Dave Bonney-Baptized by Fire
  • Rocka Ritch-Süchtig
  • Delaurian-The Blue Album
  • Pickup-Pickup
  • Guenther Sigl-Habe die Ehre(2010)
with Spider Murphy Gang
  • 1989: In Flagranti
  • 1990: Hokuspokus
  • 1997: Keine Lust auf schlechte Zeiten
  • 1997: Rock'n'Roll Story
  • 1999: Das komplette Konzert
  • 2002: Radio Hitz
  • 2004: Skandal im Lustspielhaus


  • 2004: 25 Jahre Rock'n'Roll (Limited edition) (340 minute concert: 16 Nov 2002)
  • 2004: Unplugged im Maximilianeum (143 minute concert: 15 April 2004)
  • 2008: 30 Jahre Rock'n'Roll (269 minute concert: 3 Nov 2007)


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