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A listing of the characters from the ALF television series that ran between 1986 and 1990.


Main characters[edit]

  • William Francis "Willie" Tanner (played by Max Wright) is the father figure, and a social worker by trade.
  • Katherine Daphne "Kate" Halligan Tanner (played by Anne Schedeen) is the mother figure and has at least one sister.
  • Lynn "Lynnie" Tanner (played by Andrea Elson) is the eldest child of the Tanner family and their only daughter.
  • Brian "Bri" Tanner (played by Benji Gregory) is the elder son and middle child of the Tanner family.

Recurring characters[edit]

The Tanner family[edit]

  • Neal Tanner (played by Jim J. Bullock) is Willie's younger brother and the uncle of Brian, Lynn, and Eric.
  • Eric William Tanner is the younger son of the Tanner family. He debuted in the episode "Having My Baby" from season 3.
  • Lucky is the Tanner family's cat. He died in the fourth season, replaced by a kitten adopted by ALF himself.
  • Lucky II is the Tanner family's new cat. ALF adopted Lucky II after Lucky died in Season 4.

The Ochmonek family[edit]

  • Trevor Ochmonek (played by John LaMotta) He is a Master of Arts graduate, who played football for 7 years through high school and he is a veteran of the Korean War, where he served as a pilot.
  • Raquel Ochmonek (played by Liz Sheridan) She is very nosy, often spying on the neighbors with a looking glass and spreading rumors.
  • Jason "Jake" Ochmonek (played by Josh Blake) is the nephew of Trevor and Raquel who was sent to live with Raquel and Trevor after his father was in jail.

The Deaver family[edit]

  • Dorothy Halligan Deaver (played by Anne Meara) is the widowed mother of Kate, the mother-in-law of Willie, and the grandmother of Lynn, Brian, and Eric.
  • "Whizzer" Deaver (played by Paul Dooley) is Dorothy's second husband, Kate's stepfather, Willie's stepfather-in-law, and Lynn, Brian, and Eric's step-grandfather.

Other recurring characters[edit]

  • Jody (played by Andrea Covell) is a blind woman who ALF befriends in the first season of the series.
  • Lawrence "Larry" Dykstra (played by Bill Daily) is a shrink who appears in several episodes when ALF and Willie Tanner have problems.

Melmac characters[edit]

The Shumway family[edit]

  • Bob Shumway (voiced by Thick Wilson) - Gordon's father
  • Flo Shumway (voiced by Peggy Mahon) - Gordon's mother
  • Curtis Shumway (voiced by Michael Fantini) - Gordon's little brother
  • Augie Shumway (voiced by Paulina Gillis) - Gordon's little sister
  • Harry - The Shumway family's pet bird.
  • Neep - The Shumway family's pet vespa (a species like a dog)

Other characters[edit]

  • Rhonda (performed by Lisa Buckley in the live-action series, voiced by Paulina Gillis in the animated series) - Gordon's girlfriend
  • Skipper "Skip" III (performed by Bob Fappiano in the live-action series, voiced by Rob Cowan in the animated series) - One of Gordon's friends
  • Rick Fusterman (performed and voiced by Paul Fusco in both TV series) - One of Gordon's friends
  • Stella (voiced by Ellen-Ray Hennessy) - A coffee shop waitress on Melmac
  • Larson Petty (voiced by Thick Wilson) - The primary villain of the animated series

Minor characters[edit]


  • Luis (played by Phillip Gordon) - A Mexican boy who was taken in for one night by Willie
  • Fredo - The father of Luis Mancia
  • Tiffany (played by Keri Houlihan) - A terminally ill child named Tiffany that ALF met
  • Uncle Albert (played by Elisha Cook, Jr.) - Willie's uncle
  • Angel Bob (played by Joseph Maher) - ALF's guardian angel
  • Eddie (played by Michael Des Barres) - a graduate student in architecture
  • Robert Sherwood - A street performer at the beach
  • Randy (played by Mark Clayman) - A high school football team student
  • Cathy Berry - One of Lynn's friends
  • Brenda (played by Judy Landers) - The secretary of Wayne Schlegel
  • Jim "Jimbo" Hutchinson (played by Todd Susman) - A co-worker of Willie's at the Social Services Department of Los Angeles County
  • Nick "The Fish" Mints (played by David Leisure) - A bookie with which Dorothy places bets on The Gambler
  • Garland - The man at Whizzer's wedding to Dorothy
  • Andrea (played by Rebecca Booneis) One of the guests that attended Kate's surprise baby shower
  • Elliot - The name of Andrea's baby that she brings to the baby shower which ALF was allergic to
  • Maura Norris (played by Dorothy Lyman), Betty (played by Stephanie Hagen), and Sylvia (played by Hilary Thompson) are one of Kate's college roommates
  • Laverne Litwhack (played by Nancy Lenehan) - A lady that lives in the Tanner's neighborhood
  • Laura (played by Carla Gugino) - Jake's girlfriend
  • Nick Susla (played by Richard McKenzie) - He is not enthusiastic and would like to enjoy a quiet retirement
  • Betty Susla (played by Kathleen Freeman) - A woman in Barstow was featured in an article in The National Inquisitor
  • Mrs. Lyman (played by Marcia Wallace) - The principal of the Franklin Elementary School
  • Kelly - An orderly or nurse at the hospital
  • Mr. Foley - The name of a man that allowed Willie's family to stay at his cabin
  • Gravel Gus (played by Tracey Walter) - A hobo on the train
  • Hannah (played by Nicole Dubuc) a little girl who is the owner of the lost dog Brian found
  • Felicia Burke - The wife of Walter Burke
  • Walter Burke - Willie's boss at the Social Services Department of Los Angeles County
  • Myrna Byrd - A widow that lives in the Tanner's neighborhood
  • Steve Michaels - An administrator for Sendrax
  • Bernice - The name of a woman that attended the Tanner Halloween party dressed as a cowgirl
  • Bert - The tow truck driver who tows the Tanners ' car home when it breaks down
  • Carl Buck - A set decorator for the movie Jupiter Guys
  • Scott Maynard (played by Kurt McKinney), Lizard (played by Geoffery Blake), and Danny Duckworth (played by Ricky Paull Goldin) are one of Lynn's boyfriends
  • Consumer Ed - A TV reporter that ALF calls in to investigate the warranty on the Tanner's TV
  • Aaron King (played by Pete Willcox) - A reclusive neighbor and truck driver from Tupelo, Mississippi, who ALF is convinced is Elvis Presley in hiding in the Season 3 episode "Suspicious Minds"
  • Howie Anderson (played by John Pinette) A comedian who highlights his own obesity in his stand up routine
  • Marilyn - A journalist for The National Inquisitor
  • Mr. Polniakoff - The owner of a club in Catskills
  • Julius - A mortician with a morbid sense of humor
  • Brandon Tartikoff - A head of programming at NBC
  • Elaine Ochmonek (played by Randee Heller) Jake's mother and Trevor's sister-in-law
  • Denise - A pregnant woman who gets stuck in an elevator when going into labor, with only ALF there to help
  • Richard - Denise's husband
  • Rex - A caterer hired by the Tanners to plan their luau
  • Spencer - A boy in Brian's class at school
  • Bill Lowman - A sales manager at Rancho Estates
  • Jack (played by Phil Leeds), Bernie (played by Eric Christmas), Rebecca (played by Amzie Strickland), and Louise Beaumont are one of the four senior citizens
  • Mr. Fusco - One of the suspects
  • Old Cat Lady at 165 (played by Nedra Volz) - An old lady at 165 (Hemdale presumably)
  • The Brothers of the Peaceful Dominion - They are silent monastic order that ALF joins when he discovers that he was born in wedlock

Gilligan's Island[edit]

The Tonight Show[edit]


  • Alien Task Force - Various actors appeared in the ALF TV series as the Alien Task Force in many episodes, such as the ALF pilot (both versions), and the Thanksgiving special
  • Andrew Seminick (played by Larry Hankin) - When Raquel comes over to sit for Brian, he breaks into the house through Kate and Willie's room where ALF is hiding
  • Keith (played by Darwin Joston) - An animal shelter worker that captured ALF
  • Rodney - A Melmacian Cockroach that escaped to planet Earth in ALF's spaceship
  • Lenny Scott (played by Raye Birk) - The host of a local television talk show
  • Mr. Cuckoo - Lenny Scott's sidekick on his television show
  • Ethel Buttonwood - An old lady that claims the dog Alfina under false pretenses
  • Vince (played by Logan Ramsey) - Ethel Buttonwood's extremely jealous and violent ex-boyfriend
  • Mr. Duncan (played by Martin Doyle) - A surly man of short stature and he is a scrap metal dealer
  • Paul - The name that ALF gives to his ventriloquist dummy
  • Pete "Flaky" Finnegan (played by David Ogden Stiers) - A hobo who hung around the Tanner house and spotted ALF during Thanksgiving


  • Blinky - One of ALF's cousins


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