Willie Williams (karateka)

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Willie Williams
Born (1951-07-14) 14 July 1951 (age 67)
North Carolina, United States
Other namesBear Killer
Height2.00 m (6 ft 7 in)
Weight105 kg (231 lb; 16.5 st)
DivisionSuper Heavyweight
TeamWorld Oyama Karate
Mixed martial arts record
By knockout7
By submission2
By submission3
By decision1
last updated on: April 1, 2012

Willie Williams (born July 14, 1951) is an American former karateka and mixed martial artist.[1]


In 1979, Willie Williams took part in the Karate World Championships. Around 160 fighters from all over the world were at the start of the open weight class. Williams was able to battle his way through the semifinals, where he was defeated by Keizo Mikabe. He made his second appearance at Karate World Championships in 1984. This time Willie Williams made it to the last 32.[2]

In 1980, Williams fought Japan’s top pro-wrestling star Antonio Inoki for the World Heavyweight Martial Arts Championship in Tokyo. The bout ended in a draw after both competitors repeatedly fell out of the ring.[3] Although the match was worked, it is seen as a precursor to modern mixed martial art. William’s fight against Inoki was voted as the top professional fighting match in Japan in the 20th century in 2003 by professional Japanese fight analysts.

Williams debuted in November 1992 in the combat sport promotion Fighting Network RINGS. After having fought 13 matches for the Japan based organization he retired in October 1994.


  • 3rd World Open Karate Tournament 1984 (IKO) - Final 32
  • 2nd World Open Karate Tournament 1979 (IKO) - 3rd Place

Mixed martial arts record[edit]

Res. Record Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Location Notes
Win 9-4 Netherlands Pieter Oele TKO RINGS - Mega Battle Tournament 1994: Second Round October 22, 1994 1 6:41 Fukuoka, Japan
Win 8-4 Japan Masayuki Naruse TKO RINGS - Rings 1994 in Ariake June 18, 1994 1 10:54 Tokyo, Japan
Loss 7-4 Japan Akira Maeda Submission RINGS - Rings 1994 in Sendai May 17, 1994 1 2:38 Sendai, Japan
Loss 7-3 Netherlands Dick Vrij Decision RINGS - Mega Battle Tournament 1993: First Round October 23, 1993 5 3:00 Fukuoka, Japan
Win 7-2 Netherlands Dick Vrij Decision RINGS - Battle Dimension: Toky Bay Area Circuit III August 21, 1993 5 3:00 Yokohama, Japan
Win 6-2 Georgia (country) Bitsadze Tariel Submission RINGS - Battle Dimension: Osaka Metropolitan Circuit II July 13, 1993 3 1:35 Osaka, Japan
Loss 5-2 Russia Volk Han Submission RINGS - Battle Dimension: Tokyo Bay Area Circuit II July 16, 1993 1 11:46 Tokyo, Japan
Win 5-1 Japan Yukihiro Takenami KO RINGS - Mega Battle Tournament 1992: Second Round November 13, 1992 2 1:33 Hiroshima, Japan
Loss 4-1 Japan Akira Maeda Submission RINGS - Mega Battle VI: Hayate July 16, 1992 3 2:03 Osaka, Japan
Win 4-0 Netherlands Ton van Maurik KO RINGS - Mega Battle V: Shi Shi Ku June 25, 1992 1 5:08 Hiroshima, Japan
Win 3-0 Georgia (country) Bitsadze Ameran KO RINGS - Mega Battle IV: Kohrin May 16, 1992 3 2:07 Hiroshima, Japan
Win 2-0 Japan Mitsuya Nagai KO RINGS - Mega Battle III: Ikazuchi April 3, 1992 2 1:13 Hiroshima, Japan
Win 1-0 Netherlands Peter Smit TKO RINGS - Mega Battle Tournament 1992: Second Round November 13, 1992 1 2:50 Yokohama, Japan

Karate record[edit]

Karate record
Date Result Opponent Event Location Method Round Time Record
1992-03-26 Japan Nobuaki Kakuda RINGS - Kakutogi Olympic
1991-06-04 Loss Japan Masaaki Satake USA Oyama Karate vs. Karate Masamichi Decision (Unanimous) 3

Legend:   Win   Loss   Draw/No contest   Notes


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