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The Willis Barnstone Translation Prize is an annual award given to an exceptional translation of a poem from any language into English. The prize was inaugurated in 2002 by the University of Evansville under the direction of William Baer and has been presented annually since 2003. The award is given in honor of the distinguished poet and translator, Willis Barnstone, each year, and Dr. Barnstone has served as the contest's final judge. The distinction comes with a cash prize of USD $1,000, and the winning poem or poems are published in The Evansville Review.


Year Translator
2016 Rebekah Curry, Michele Herman
2015 Khrystyna Mykhailiuk, Spring Ulmer
2014 Michele Herman, A.M. Juster, Alfred Nicol, and Roger Serarat
2013 Stephen Campiglio, Sara Noviċ, and Marci Vogel
2012 Ned Balbo and Philip White
2011 Alexandra Berlina and G.J. Racz
2010 A. E. Stallings
2009 Maryann Corbett and John Richards
2008 Michael Palma and Scott Hightower
2007 Bradford Gray Telford, Geoffrey R. Waters, Ana Cara, and David Young
2006 Niloufar Talebi, Chana Bloch, and Chana Kronfeld
2005 Christopher Bakken and Roula Konsolaki
2004 Robert Mezey
2003 Marilyn Hacker and Ralph Angel

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