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Willow (disambiguation)

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A willow is any of the several hundred species of deciduous trees and shrubs in the genus Salix.

Willow or willows may also refer to:




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  • "Willow" (song), a song by Taylor Swift from Evermore
  • "Willow", a song by Joan Armatrading from the album Show Some Emotion
  • "Willow", a song by Kamelot from the album The Awakening
  • "Willow", a song by Said the Whale from the album Hawaiii
  • "Willow", a song by Scale the Summit from the album The Migration
  • "Willow", a song from the musical Venice
  • "Willow song", Desdemona's song in operatic settings of Shakespeare's play Othello
  • "Willow's Song", a song composed by American composer Paul Giovanni with lyrics by Robert Burns
  • "Willows", by Vanessa Carlton from Liberman
  • "Tit-willow", Koko's song in the 1885 Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera The Mikado


  • Pussy willow, a name for several species of willow, when bearing their furry catkins
  • Seep willow, Baccharis salicifolia, a flowering shrub from the south-west United States and northern Mexico
  • Willo (Thescelosaurus), a dinosaur fossil thought to include a fossilized heart
  • Willow oak (Quercus phellos), a species of oak with willow-like leaves
  • Willow-herb, any of the herbaceous plants in the genus Epilobium, many of which have willow-like leaves


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