Willow Creek Dam (Montana)

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Willow Creek Dam (National ID # MT00577) is a dam in Lewis and Clark County, Montana.

The earthen dam was originally constructed between 1907 and 1911 by the United States Bureau of Reclamation, then modified and reinforced several times since. With a height of 93 feet and 650 feet long at its crest, it impounds Willow Creek for irrigation storage and flood control, part of the Bureau's larger Sun River Project.[1] The dam is owned and operated by the Bureau.

The reservoir it creates, Willow Creek Reservoir, has a water surface of 1530 acres, another 3069 acres of surrounding land, about eleven miles of shoreline, and a maximum capacity of 32,400 acre-feet.[2] Recreation includes fishing (for rainbow trout and kokanee salmon), camping, hunting, boating, and hiking.


Coordinates: 47°32′48″N 112°25′51″W / 47.54667°N 112.43083°W / 47.54667; -112.43083