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Willowtip Records
Founded 2000
Founder Jason Tipton
Genre Heavy metal
Country of origin United States
Location Zelienople, Pennsylvania
Official website Willowtip.com

Willowtip Records is an independently owned and distributed heavy metal record label headquartered in Zelienople, Pennsylvania.


Willowtip Records was founded in 2000 by Jason Tipton with a partner named Willosin, who is no longer involved with the label. The combination of the two names is the source of the label's name. They specialize in death metal and grindcore music, mostly from highly technical bands. The first release was a split EP between Fate of Icarus and Creation Is Crucifixion. Tipton has stated that his proudest moment with the label was re-releasing Onset of Putrefaction by the band Necrophagist. It had not been available in the U.S. or elsewhere until Willowtip started redistributing it.

Willowtip have also collaborated with Colorado "hydrogrind" band Cephalic Carnage to release an exclusive one song EP entitled Halls of Amenti. Some of the label's more popular former acts include Arsis, Ion Dissonance, Misery Index and Neuraxis. The roster features bands from several different countries, including Belgium, Canada, Germany, Finland, Italy, Sweden and Australia.[1][2]

In mid-2007, Willowtip entered into a partnership with Dutch death metal record label Neurotic Records to distribute their previously unavailable releases in North America. Willowtip has also entered into a licensing agreement with Candlelight Records who will issue Willowtip releases for the European (and 'rest of world') market.


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