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For the town in South Africa, see Willowvale, Eastern Cape.

Willowvale is the name of an industrial suburb in the South West of Harare, Zimbabwe.


Further information: Willowgate

Willowvale gave its name to the 1988-89 "Willowgate" scandal, in which government officials were using their positions to purchase foreign automobiles from a Willowvale car company and then reselling them at high profits.[1] The sales were exposed by Chronicle editors Geoffrey Nyarota and Davison Maruziva in a series of investigative reports, and led to a national scandal and commission of inquiry. A provincial governor and five ministers of the government of President Robert Mugabe resigned, one of whom, Maurice Nyagumbo, committed suicide.[2]


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Coordinates: 17°53′S 30°58′E / 17.883°S 30.967°E / -17.883; 30.967