Willy Northpole

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Willy Northpole
Birth name William Adams
Also known as Willy Northpole
Born (1980-02-22) February 22, 1980 (age 35)
Phoenix, Arizona
Origin Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Genres Hip hop
Occupation(s) Rapper, actor, songwriter
Years active 2007 - present
Labels Disturbing tha Peace
Def Jam
Associated acts Ludacris, Ne-Yo, B.o.B., Young Buck, The Game
Website http://dtprecords.com/artists/willynorthpole
Notable instruments

William Adams, professionally known as Willy Northpole, is an American rapper artist who is signed to Disturbing Tha Peace Records.[1] He released his first album, Tha Connect in June 2009. He is from Phoenix, Arizona.[2]


Born William Adams, Willy Northpole's first obstacle was overcome on February 22, 1980, in Phoenix, Arizona the day he was born. A flood that day forced him to be born in a helicopter, which also gave him his first nickname; helicopter baby. Music has always been a part of Willy Northpole's life. Growing up a Michael Jackson fan, he was influenced early on by rap pioneers such as Kool Moe D and Too Short. These early influences inspired Willy to develop his talents as a performer. Once his mother noticed her son's abilities as a performer she began entering him in talent shows on Phoenix's south side. Enter Willy's next obstacle: While he was entering talent shows his father was on the streets; addicted to crack. During this time it was not unusual for Willy to see drug dealers in and around looking for his father. In search of a male role model, Willy began following his cousin Walter "Salt" Morison, who was a known member of Broadway Gangsta's, a gang associated with the blood gangs of Phoenix. On August 23, 1992, Willy's life was turned upside down when his role model was shot 21 times. After his cousin and role model's brutal murder, Willy's life began a downward spiral when he joined the Broadway Gangsta's and began selling drugs to any and everyone; with his own father as one of his top clients. Not long after, Willy experienced his next obstacle when he was kicked out of South Mountain High School, arrested for armed robbery, and sentenced to almost 3 years in a youth detention facility/jail, where he would serve time from the age of 15 until he turned 18 years old. From his cell, Willy would experience the highly publicized East/West Coast beef which only fueled his desire to add his substantial skills to the rap game.

Upon his release at the age of 18, Willy Northpole set out with a firm focus to make a name for himself in the rap game. Splitting his time between working and the recording studio, Willy began writing rhymes about his experiences and the world around him. After recording what became a classic local anthem titled "Garbage Disposal", Willy Northpole hooked up with a rival local emcee named Hot Rod. At the time, Hot Rod was being pursued by G-Unit and asked Willy to come along as his right-hand man. Willy's talents were quickly recognized by everyone who crossed paths with him. Not too soon after Willy reconnected with his childhood friend Tiffany J. a one time Power 92.3 on air personality now turned producer and artist manager under Blue Williams at Family Tree Entertainment. With such a rich history together that began at the age of 8 years old, it only made sense for these two to team up and hit the industry with marketing they have never seen before. And, oddly enough, most of this was done by tackling Myspace. Willy has been blessed by the opportunity to record with industry heavy hitters the likes of Ez Elpee, Shondrae of Bangladesh productions, Trak Starz, Heatmakerz, Reefa, and Nitti to name a few. With his first record deal just inked with Disturbing Tha Peace / Def Jam, Willy is the only rap artist to be signed to DTP representing the West. And the ONLY artist signed with major distribution out of Phoenix, Arizona that is born and raised in this city. For Willy Northpole, obstacles are a part of life, and with this new experience he knows more are to come. But his life so far has taught him that when an obstacle is placed in his way he can rise above it like a Phoenix from the fire. If he achieves his goal of putting Arizona on his back and on the hip hop map, Willy Northpole will surely be "Raising Arizona".[3]

In 2012, Willy Northpole parted ways with Disturbing Tha Peace after being signed to the label for five years. It is rumored that he left Disturbing Tha Peace due to several disagreements with the label's CEO, Ludacris, and due to several release dates being pushed back.




Year Title Chart positions
U.S. 200 U.S. R&B U.S. Rap CAN UK
2009 Tha Connect - 47 [4] 21[citation needed]
TBA WILL.I.AM - - - - -


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