Wilmington Academy

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Wilmington Academy
Wilmington Academy Logo.png
Motto Act Enterprisingly - Work in Partnership - Achieve Excellence
Established September 1954 (as Wilmington Technical School)
September 1972 (as Wilmington Hall, which was when the schools split)
1 September 2010 (as the academy)
Type State, Academy
Principal Tracey Trusler
CEO Simon Beamish
Location Common Lane

51°25′41″N 0°11′38″E / 51.428°N 0.194°E / 51.428; 0.194Coordinates: 51°25′41″N 0°11′38″E / 51.428°N 0.194°E / 51.428; 0.194
Local authority Kent LEA
DfE URN 136205
Students 811[1]
Gender Coeducational
Houses Minerva     , Apollo     
Previous names Wilmington Enterprise College, Wilmington Hall School, Wilmington High School, Wilmington Technical School.
Website wilmingtonacademy.org.uk

Wilmington Academy is a mixed high school specialising in business and enterprise and a vocational centre for land-based learning located in Wilmington, Kent. It stands next to the site of Wilmington Hall.


Historical Roots[edit]

The location has been the site of several schools since shortly after World War II when Dartford County Technical School for Girls used Wilmington Manor, across the street, for first-year classes. In 1950 Wilmington Hall (built in 1734, demolished in 1970) became Dartford Technical School for Boys.[2] Wilmington Technical School, formed in the early 1960s, was renamed Wilmington High School in 1975 when new buildings were built. In the mid-1980s two schools were created on the site: Wilmington Hall School and Wilmington Grammar School for Boys. In 2006 Wilmington Hall School achieved the status of a Business and Enterprise Specialist College, and following a decision by students, parents, staff and governors was officially renamed Wilmington Enterprise College in September that year.[3]

In April 2009 Jane Wheatley (Headteacher of Dartford Grammar School for Girls) became Executive Headteacher after the school was put onto special measures.[4]

On 1 September 2010, Wilmington Enterprise College became part of the The Leigh Academies Trust to become Wilmington Academy.


Keith Richards, rock musician (guitarist of The Rolling Stones)

Educational focus[edit]

Wilmington Academy specialises in business, enterprise and is a Kent county vocational centre for land-based learning. In addition, it teaches priority subjects including English, mathematics, humanities, and French. There are three student centres on the campus: Learning Resources, Business and Vocational, and Pupil Achievement and Welfare.[citation needed]

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