Wilopo Cabinet

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Wilopo Cabinet
Kabinet Ali Sastroamidjojo I
Flag of Indonesia.svg
14th cabinet of Indonesia
Indonesian Government (Executive Branch)
National emblem of Indonesia Garuda Pancasila.svg
Date formed 1 April 1952 (1952-04-01)
Date dissolved 3 June 1953 (1953-06-03)
People and organisations
Head of state Sukarno
Head of government Wilopo
Predecessor Sukiman Cabinet
Successor First Ali Sastroamidjojo Cabinet

The Wilopo Cabinet was an Indonesian cabinet that served from 1 April 1952 until 3 June 1953.


Cabinet Leadership[edit]

Cabinet Members[edit]


  • Mukarto Notowidagdo (PNI) was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs on 29 April 1952, releasing Wilopo from his dual role.
  • On 11 May 1953 Social Minister Anwar Tjokroaminoto resigned and was replaced by Employee Affairs Minister Suroso. Responsibility for employee affairs was transferred to Prime Minister.
  • On 2 January 1953 Defense Minister Sultan Hamengkubuwana IX resigned and Prime Minister Wilopo became ad interim Defense Minister.


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