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Wilson's Hospital School

Wilson's Hospital School is a Church of Ireland, co-educational boarding school located in Multyfarnham, County Westmeath, Ireland, outside of Mullingar.

The school caters for approximately 400 students and while most of the school's students are boarders, there is also a sizable number of day pupils in attendance.[1] As the diocesan secondary school of the Diocese of Meath and Kildare, Wilson's Hospital School operates under a Church of Ireland ethos and that is reflected in the majority of its students.[2]

The school operates a seven-day boarding week and a five-day teaching schedule which allows boarders the option of returning home at weekends or remaining at the school to avail of the weekend activity programmes. The day boarding pupils of Wilson's Hospital School are drawn from surrounding areas and participate fully in the life of the school. Academically, the school offers an extensive range of subjects up to higher Leaving Certificate standard.[3]


The school has a strong sporting tradition, particularly in rugby, cricket and hockey. It is one of Ireland's longest established rugby schools and the earliest recorded team captain dates back to 1840. Soccer, basketball and athletics are also very popular.


Wilson's Hospital School was founded in 1761 by Andrew Wilson as a school for young Protestant boys (often of limited means) and also as a hospital for old men, some of whom were retired soldiers. Over time the school ceased functioning as a hospital but still retained this title within its name.[4] The school became co-educational in 1969 when it was amalgamated with the Preston School from Navan.[4] which gives the newer classroom block its name, The Preston Building.

The school grounds were the site of a battle preceding the Battle of Ballinamuck during the 1798 rebellion in which 150-300 rebels were killed.[5][6]


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