Wilson Bikram Rai

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Wilson Bikram Rai
Wilson Bikram Rai 2013-11-04 19-59.jpeg
Rai portraying Takme Buda on NTV sitcom Meri Bassai, March 2012
BornBirtamod, Jhapa, Nepal
MediumStand-up, Television, film
GenresObservational comedy, Political satire, pop culture
Notable works and rolesTakme Buda on NTV sitcom Meri Bassai

Wilson Bikram Rai (Nepali: विल्सन विक्रम राई) is a Nepalese comedian, actor, singer, dancer and producer.[1][2][3] He is best known for his role as Takme Buda on NTV sitcom Meri Bassai (2012–2015). Now he is playing comedy web series Khas Khus. He often imitates the retired ex-British Gurkha army Limbu man in Limbu accent as 'Takme Buda' to entertain his spectators. He had successfully traveled more than 20 countries. He is also the Brand Ambassador of Italian Shoes Black Horse.

Early life[edit]

Wilson Bikram Rai was born in Birtamod, Jhapa Nepal where his father and sister still resides. He studied in Little Flowers' English School in Anarmani 4 Jhapa Nepal. His mother Mrs Kamala Rai died when he was 9 years old.


Playback singing[edit]

He is active in singing as well. His Hits Comedy Songs includes

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Pani Pani Pani Jindagani
  • 19 Fauntin youdda Ladhda Pako Mailey Takma
  • I Love You Santaram
  • Chanuwa Mitho
  • Jhyana pultung


Wilson is best known for his role as Takme Buda in Meri Bassai. Before his current role, Wilson hosted a stand-up comedy show channel on YouTube, titled The Wilson Bikram Show, which managed to amuse many people and made him popular figure. He has acted in many Music Videos of Popular Singer's as well

  • Adrian Pradhan's Khairo Khairo Kapal Timro [4]
  • Prakash Poudel's Haa Haa Haa [5]
  • Parbati Rai's Jhajhalko Aai Rahancha Barai
  • Kumar Dumi Rai's Soi Dhole Soi


Wilson bikram rai

Rai has featured in many Nepalese films, Music Videos and Tele-Series. The following are Movies of Rai.

Year Film Role Notes
1998 Shati (film)
2008 Samjhana
2012 Saayad Best Comedy Artist by Filmy Khabar 2069
Best Supporting Actor NFDC Award
Best Comedy Actor NAFTA
2013 Rhythm Best Supporting Actor by DCine Awards
National Film Award for Best Actor
2013 Facebook
2013 Nepathya
2014 Producer NAFTA Award for Best Actor in Comedy Role
Kamana Award for Best Actor in Comedy Role
DCine Award for Best Comedian
2014 Humjayega
2014 My Promise
2014 One Way
2015 Adhkatti
2015 Raato Ghar
2017 A Mero Hajur 2


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