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Wilson House is a complex of Imperial College Halls of Residence. It is located at 38-76 Sussex Gardens, near to Edgware Road and Paddington tube stations. Beside the 20 houses facing Sussex Gardens, the Wilson House complex also includes two houses at 32-34 Southwick Street, and an Annexe located at the back of Wilson House. [1] [2]

Wilson House was first opened in December 1954 and it was the first student hostel of St Mary's Hospital Medical School. When St Mary's Hospital Medical School became part of Imperial College London in 1988, Wilson House became the second largest undergraduate hall of residence of Imperial College London. The two houses on Southwick Street, also called Edgar Lawley attachment, were added just before Wilson House became part of Imperial College London.

Wilson House is named after Charles Wilson, 1st Baron Moran, who was the Dean of St Mary's Hospital Medical School between 1920 and 1945 but became famous for being Sir Winston Churchill's personal physician, and also as the great-uncle of American film actor Owen Wilson. The attachment on Southwick Street was donated by the Edgar E Lawley Foundation, founded in 1961 by Edgar E Lawley (1889–1977) who was also the chairman of St Mary's Hospital Medical School.

Wilson House can host 390 students. During the 2012-13 academic year it was not occupied, due to refurbishment. In this period, the Sports Hall (where the Annexe building now stands) was demolished and a large Social Space, piano room, two common rooms and 80 en-suite bedspaces built in its place. The hall has now reopened.[3]


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